How to strengthen the Aura.

Due to ill health, drug taking and fast pace of living, our auras may become weakened or broken, leaving us drained, despondent and low in vitality . Our aura is a field of force that constantly recharges itself to nurture our physical bodies, to do this it will draw on energies available at the time. Unfortunately most of these energies are negative and will create an imbalance within the person. To counteract this imbalance nature supplies us with positive ways to balance and strengthen the aura. Every living thing contains vital energy, this includes the vegetable and mineral kingdom. They have an abundance of vital energy to offer, that we can use to re-charge and balance ourselves with. Here are some simple exercises to strengthen and re-charge the aura in a positive manner:Choose a pine or oak tree, sit yourself down, with your back against the tree, get your self comfortable. Send warm and loving thoughts to the tree, then ask the tree to energise and heal you. See the tree's energies flowing into your aura , making it strong and healthy. Stay as long as you wish, when you leave you will feel calm and energised. Remember always thank the tree before leaving. Other ways of re-energising your aura, is to use the visualisation technique , as you are walking along the beach, asking the sand and fresh air to energise and heal your aura . Another simple exercise that you can apply every day is whilst your having a shower. Simply visualise the water running through your aura , cleansing and strengthening it at the same time. All these techniques will charge and strengthen your aura in a positive manner, leaving you with a sense of peace and balance.